Yosemite National Park - June 24, 2006

Yosemite Park Road Map

On June 24, 2006, Andrew Cole and I went on a day trip to Yosemite National Park to see the great rock walls and waterfalls. We left Mammoth early and headed north on U.S. 395 toward LeeVining where we turned west on Highway 120 and entered the Park at Tioga Pass. We stopped at Olmstead Point for a nice view of Half Dome. We continued on the Tioga Road to Crane Flat, then on the Big Oak Flat Road into Yosemite Valley.

We immediately continued toward Glacier Point .. stopping at the Tunnel for fine views of the Valley. We stopped at Washburn Point and then Glacier Point .. great views of Half Dome, Nevada Falls, Vernal Falls, Yosemite Falls and the deep valley. We were early enough to miss the crowds.

We then backtracked to Yosemite Valley and stopped at Bridalveil Falls where we had to park on the road shoulder due to the crowds. The wind was blowing spray around and Andrew was happy to get wet and cool off.

We continued toward Yosemite Village with several stops to view Yosemite Falls and Ribbon Falls. At the Village we parked in the "day-use" parking lot .. which was filling up rapidly .. and walked to the Village Store where we bought sandwiches and drinks for lunch.

We then took the free shuttle bus to Yosemite Falls. We hiked up the trail with fine views of the falls. At the viewing area the breeze kept the mist off to one side. Andrew hiked a short way along the creek toward the lower Falls for fine views of the plummeting water.

After viewing Yosemite Falls we walked back on a different trail and then took the shuttle bus back to the car. By now it was about 3pm so we headed for home .. creeping along in the heavy traffic until we turned off back on the Big Oak Flat Road, returning the way we had come in.

We stopped again at Olmstead Point where a friendly Marmot posed for pictures. At Tuolumne Meadows we took a side road to parking at the Horse Corrals and hiked half a mile to the Soda Springs near Parsons Memorial Lodge. Andrew sampled the water and said it tasted just like soda pop.

On the way down from Tioga Pass we had fine views into the deep LeeVining Canyon with it's waterfalls and cascading stream.

The following links will take you to pictures from the trip .. most of which Andrew took using both of Don's two cameras.

Yosemite Valley Shuttle Bus Route Map