Sierra Nevada - Parker Pass Area
Parker Pass area trip routes map

This group of pictures actually covers a fairly wide area. I first visited the area in 1972, returned twice in 1976 and again in 1980. The terrain in this area is relatively easy to traverse on cross county routes. The views from Mt. Lewis, Parker Peak, Mt. Wood and Koip Peak are outstanding.

Part of this area is in Yosemite National Park. The Dana Fork of the Tuolumne River is the source of Tuolumne Meadows drinking water so no camping is allowed in the Dana Fork drainage. The areas east of Mono Pass and south of Parker Pass are in the Ansel Adams Wilderness in the Inyo National Forest. Note that there are two Mono Pass's in the Sierra ... this is the northern one ... the southern one is reached via Rock Creek from Toms Place.

Bloody Canyon - Mono Pass - September 1972 (red line to Mono Pass, then blue line on map)

My first visit to the area was in September 1972 with Kevin Twohey, Paul Smith, Brian Twohey, Paul Robotta and Curt Sayer from San Diego ... we backpacked up Bloody Canyon from Walker Lake north of Silver Lake on the June Lake loop to Mono Pass and camped nearby while exploring the area on Labor Day weekend. Click here for pictures from this trip.

Parker Pass Exploration - June 1976 (green line on map)

In June 1976 I backpacked up the Dana Fork of the Tuolumne River from the Tioga Pass road and explored the area around Parker Pass ... climbing Mt. Lewis, Parker Peak and Mt. Wood. Click here for pictures from this trip.

Alger Lakes - Koip Peak - July 1976 (yellow line on map)

In July 1976 with a friend from Independence and two teenagers from Lone Pine we backpacked from Silver Lake up to Gem Lake and then to the Alger Lakes from which we climbed Koip Peak. Click here for pictures from this trip.

Kuna Crest - Lost Lakes - August 1980 (red line on map)

In August 1980 Jimmy White and I backpacked up Bloody Canyon, crossed the Kuna Crest at Helen Lake and traversed over to the Lost Lakes then to Silver Lake. Click here for pictures from this trip.